How to Choose the Best Electric Shaver for Everyday Use

Electric shavers are a must for men who wish to be clean-shaven for work every morning. They’re a lot simpler to use than actual razor blades, and quicker too. There are many electric shaver choices when you’re ready to replace your old one to the best electric shaver on the market, or have decided to toss out the razor blades. Most electric shavers provide a smooth clean shaving experience, and work much better than they did fifty years ago. Today, many men can’t even tell the difference between a cordless shaver and a razor blade.


The trick is to find the best electric shaver for everyday use. There are so many electric razors on the market today. Philips, Braun, and Remington are all good manufacturers, or should you choose a lesser known brand? Even price can come into play. Some electric shavers pack some great features into a great price, but are they as good as the ones that are priced over $200 and promise to do everything but shave your dog? Most people are comfortable with buying products online. Electric shavers are the perfect product to find online as they’re compact enough to fit into a box for easy shipping. There are three main avenues for learning how to choose the best electric shaver for your everyday use. You can start by reading the product reviews. Product reviews are written by people who have actually purchased the product. You can expect to read some five star reviews, and possibly even one star reviews. It’s important to read through them all, because even one star reviews can give you a clue as to whether the shaver may be right for you. Not all products can fulfill everyone’s needs.

There are websites designed to help you with choosing a new shaver. This is your second avenue to finding a great shaver. Here you’ll find personal and professional blog articles about different types of electric shavers. These sites are designed to help you out with choosing an electric shaver for everyday use. A third avenue to help you out with buying the best shaver for everyday use is to watch online videos. These videos demonstrate electric shavers in use. From watching the videos you’ll have a good idea of the style of the shaver–whether it’s foil or rotary style–and what the size is. You can gauge whether it will fit comfortably in your hands, or if it’s too big, or perhaps too small–more suited for travel usage.


Videos will also demonstrate how to use the electric shaver, and all of its features. Sometimes instructions can be tricky to read, so an actual demonstration will allow you to have full usage of all the features of your electric shaver. Of course these videos can also help you decide if these are the features you want. Once you learn how to choose the best electric shaver for everyday use, you’ll soon have your order on the way, and you can try it out for yourself.

Coworking Spaces for Your Small Business

Working from home isn’t always your best option when you run a small business enterprise. But real estate is increasingly pricing itself out of the small business market, with leases and rents skyrocketing. It can be expensive having start up costs for a new business, and many office rental locations are asking for thousands of dollars for a monthly lease that you can’t afford. Coworking spaces are the new hottest new trend for the small business owner.


There are many reasons why it’s not so great having a home office. If you have young children it may be an excuse to keep them home from daycare while you write your novel, do taxes for your clients, or program some code. But other people in your home will distract you from your work. It’s not just small kids who can take time away from your work, but other adults and pets as well. Sometimes it’s best to leave your home to do work at a coworking office space. At these places you get to rent space by the month or the hour. You can book an available desk, or rent actual office space that you get to use throughout the month. You’ll have access to WiFi, as well as refreshments and other business facilities. You’ll be able to meet and collaborate with other business professionals that you wouldn’t normally meet if you only worked from a home office location.


Working from a coffee shop can be great for the first hour or two. But after a while, the staff may be hoping that you’ll leave. After all, it isn’t office space, and you’re keeping another paying customer from sitting down. Plus, WiFi access may be a bit spotty, as other customers try to log in at the same time. There may also be a problem with noise levels. At a coworking space everyone will be respectful of each other’s time, and keep noise levels to a minimum. After all, everyone else is there to work too.

Sometimes working from home can be a lonely experience and it can be hard to motivate yourself to start work in the morning. The TV looks too enticing. Perhaps you can leave your work for the next day? With a coworking space you pre-book your time, and then you’re committed to showing up on time. A coworking space provides you with a real office that you can work at during the day. It’s like a real job, except you’re the boss. You can set the hours that you go in, and once there you’re free to tackle your schedule the way you see fit.

Whether you rent a space by the hour, or by the month, coworking spaces offer alternative solutions to the problem of finding an affordable office space when you are running a small business.


More coworking spaces are opening every month, and are increasingly becoming popular in Canada, USA, and Europe, as busy small business professionals are looking to find good working locations.

Baby Monitor from the Future

Nowadays, people are in need of efficient gadgets with multiple functions, which bring them a wide variety of advantages. In order to please people and to reach their high expectations, technology makes adjustments and improvements daily. A good baby monitor is incredibly helpful for any parent. Having such a gadget in your home makes it easier to keep an eye on your child while you cannot be in the same room with your daughter or son … and not only that!


The Sikker baby monitor ( “sikker” : Danish word for “safety” ) is surprisingly different because it is far more than just an ordinary baby monitor you have been used to lately. This type of gadget was designed by Jessica Mendoza and Henoc Monte.

With a modern and unique appearance, the Sikker baby monitor also serves as an alarm clock, a watch and even as a radio. Controls are not difficult to learn and selecting the options you have, setting the time, alarm or selecting the music is made via touchscreen.

This concept features two bracelets which are connected with each other. One bracelet will be worn by the parent, while the other one will be worn by the child.

The two gadgets communicate in between thanks to a base station. In this manner, the parent will constantly know if the baby is safe and sound or he or she needs a parent’s assistance. For example, the bracelet informs the parent if the baby happens to have a fever or feels too cold, measuring the temperature of the baby. The temperature is measured by an intelligent textile and displayed in the temperature indicator line. In addition to this, the accessory notices every change that might occur with the baby’s heart beats, keeping a record of the info. There are hundreds of Baby Monitors out there with temperature sensor, but none of them really alerts you. In case you don’t have time to wait for Sikker to be released, you can find the best baby monitor on

Another advantage the Sikker baby monitor brings is that it allows parents to communicate with their babies, having a microphone and speaker. Parents can send vocal messages/sounds thanks to the bracelets that they wear at any time, day or night.

Music brings us joy, relaxes our mind and spirit and puts us in a better mood. Babies enjoy music too. If sometimes the baby cannot sleep, you can select a list of calm and pleasant songs that you prefer. The Sikker baby monitor allows you to play any melody that you want to for baby to listen to, because of one of the multiple functions it has.

This type of baby monitor has a futuristic design, the predominant nuance being silver. It is a practical and easy-to-handle accessory. Moreover, the bracelets have a light weight, making them easy to wear and not causing any discomfort for both the child and parent.

The Sikker baby monitor is an impressive gadget, with many advantages which will make your life easier and help you take care of your child in a better way!

Modern Offices

In our days, most companies try to create a pleasant environment for their employees at work. In this way, workers (no matter what role and attributions they have in the company) tend to be happier and complete their assignments in a better and faster way.
Google offices, for example, always surprise their employees with the creative interior designs they come up with. In addition to this, they use a wide variety of colours to stimulate creativity, relax or improve the workers’ mood. Coming to such a workplace would make anyone happy with his or her job!

Let’s check out some fantastic modern office designs you will surely appreciate!

A modern office – a workplace where you can have fun!


Google realized that stressed employees cannot direct their energy towards their daily tasks. Having fun at your workplace and getting rid of any trace of a bad mood or bad disposition seems something hard to achieve at first. Even so, Google found a great way to help their employees to be happier and less stressed, in order for them to direct their energy and determination towards their assignments. For example, some employees play at work with different sized exercise balls. Some use them as chairs because of their many benefits, such as: getting a proper spine alignment, feeling more energetic, changing standing positions and improving your balance and blood circulation.

Open Collaboration Workspaces


Google offices support the idea that their employees should work together to achieve their goals faster and better. To boost communication between them, they designed open collaboration workspaces.

Communication allows employees to change opinions with each other, discuss issues and even get proper advices regarding solutions for difficulties they might encounter, finding a solution.

Nature’s major contribution


Finding a plant or tree on the corridor in a Google office became very common lately. Not only that nature offers the interior a beautiful and charming design, but it also puts the employees in a good mood.

A walk along the corridor will remind you of a long and pleasant stroll you took in the park and help you clear up your thoughts.

Using colours


Every modern office is designed in a creative way. A creative office helps employees to improve their imagination and make unexpected performances at their workplace.

Colours play an important role in this matter, each of them enhancing a different feeling and sensation. For example, green makes people feel comfortable with themselves. Also, blue helps people to relax and release the stress gathered over the day.

Google PGH office

Pink, purple and yellow are joyful colours which put people in a very good mood. Employees feel happy to find themselves in a colourful room and work in such a creative environment, improving their performances. They feel enthusiastic and think positive while seeing the diversity of colours they are surrounded by.

Interesting fact: Forbes magazine declared that Google has the best workplaces worldwide.