Modern Offices

In our days, most companies try to create a pleasant environment for their employees at work. In this way, workers (no matter what role and attributions they have in the company) tend to be happier and complete their assignments in a better and faster way.
Google offices, for example, always surprise their employees with the creative interior designs they come up with. In addition to this, they use a wide variety of colours to stimulate creativity, relax or improve the workers’ mood. Coming to such a workplace would make anyone happy with his or her job!

Let’s check out some fantastic modern office designs you will surely appreciate!

A modern office – a workplace where you can have fun!


Google realized that stressed employees cannot direct their energy towards their daily tasks. Having fun at your workplace and getting rid of any trace of a bad mood or bad disposition seems something hard to achieve at first. Even so, Google found a great way to help their employees to be happier and less stressed, in order for them to direct their energy and determination towards their assignments. For example, some employees play at work with different sized exercise balls. Some use them as chairs because of their many benefits, such as: getting a proper spine alignment, feeling more energetic, changing standing positions and improving your balance and blood circulation.

Open Collaboration Workspaces


Google offices support the idea that their employees should work together to achieve their goals faster and better. To boost communication between them, they designed open collaboration workspaces.

Communication allows employees to change opinions with each other, discuss issues and even get proper advices regarding solutions for difficulties they might encounter, finding a solution.

Nature’s major contribution


Finding a plant or tree on the corridor in a Google office became very common lately. Not only that nature offers the interior a beautiful and charming design, but it also puts the employees in a good mood.

A walk along the corridor will remind you of a long and pleasant stroll you took in the park and help you clear up your thoughts.

Using colours


Every modern office is designed in a creative way. A creative office helps employees to improve their imagination and make unexpected performances at their workplace.

Colours play an important role in this matter, each of them enhancing a different feeling and sensation. For example, green makes people feel comfortable with themselves. Also, blue helps people to relax and release the stress gathered over the day.

Google PGH office

Pink, purple and yellow are joyful colours which put people in a very good mood. Employees feel happy to find themselves in a colourful room and work in such a creative environment, improving their performances. They feel enthusiastic and think positive while seeing the diversity of colours they are surrounded by.

Interesting fact: Forbes magazine declared that Google has the best workplaces worldwide.