Coworking Spaces for Your Small Business

Working from home isn’t always your best option when you run a small business enterprise. But real estate is increasingly pricing itself out of the small business market, with leases and rents skyrocketing. It can be expensive having start up costs for a new business, and many office rental locations are asking for thousands of dollars for a monthly lease that you can’t afford. Coworking spaces are the new hottest new trend for the small business owner.


There are many reasons why it’s not so great having a home office. If you have young children it may be an excuse to keep them home from daycare while you write your novel, do taxes for your clients, or program some code. But other people in your home will distract you from your work. It’s not just small kids who can take time away from your work, but other adults and pets as well. Sometimes it’s best to leave your home to do work at a coworking office space. At these places you get to rent space by the month or the hour. You can book an available desk, or rent actual office space that you get to use throughout the month. You’ll have access to WiFi, as well as refreshments and other business facilities. You’ll be able to meet and collaborate with other business professionals that you wouldn’t normally meet if you only worked from a home office location.


Working from a coffee shop can be great for the first hour or two. But after a while, the staff may be hoping that you’ll leave. After all, it isn’t office space, and you’re keeping another paying customer from sitting down. Plus, WiFi access may be a bit spotty, as other customers try to log in at the same time. There may also be a problem with noise levels. At a coworking space everyone will be respectful of each other’s time, and keep noise levels to a minimum. After all, everyone else is there to work too.

Sometimes working from home can be a lonely experience and it can be hard to motivate yourself to start work in the morning. The TV looks too enticing. Perhaps you can leave your work for the next day? With a coworking space you pre-book your time, and then you’re committed to showing up on time. A coworking space provides you with a real office that you can work at during the day. It’s like a real job, except you’re the boss. You can set the hours that you go in, and once there you’re free to tackle your schedule the way you see fit.

Whether you rent a space by the hour, or by the month, coworking spaces offer alternative solutions to the problem of finding an affordable office space when you are running a small business.


More coworking spaces are opening every month, and are increasingly becoming popular in Canada, USA, and Europe, as busy small business professionals are looking to find good working locations.