Baby Monitor from the Future

Nowadays, people are in need of efficient gadgets with multiple functions, which bring them a wide variety of advantages. In order to please people and to reach their high expectations, technology makes adjustments and improvements daily. A good baby monitor is incredibly helpful for any parent. Having such a gadget in your home makes it easier to keep an eye on your child while you cannot be in the same room with your daughter or son … and not only that!


The Sikker baby monitor ( “sikker” : Danish word for “safety” ) is surprisingly different because it is far more than just an ordinary baby monitor you have been used to lately. This type of gadget was designed by Jessica Mendoza and Henoc Monte.

With a modern and unique appearance, the Sikker baby monitor also serves as an alarm clock, a watch and even as a radio. Controls are not difficult to learn and selecting the options you have, setting the time, alarm or selecting the music is made via touchscreen.

This concept features two bracelets which are connected with each other. One bracelet will be worn by the parent, while the other one will be worn by the child.

The two gadgets communicate in between thanks to a base station. In this manner, the parent will constantly know if the baby is safe and sound or he or she needs a parent’s assistance. For example, the bracelet informs the parent if the baby happens to have a fever or feels too cold, measuring the temperature of the baby. The temperature is measured by an intelligent textile and displayed in the temperature indicator line. In addition to this, the accessory notices every change that might occur with the baby’s heart beats, keeping a record of the info. There are hundreds of Baby Monitors out there with temperature sensor, but none of them really alerts you. In case you don’t have time to wait for Sikker to be released, you can find the best baby monitor on

Another advantage the Sikker baby monitor brings is that it allows parents to communicate with their babies, having a microphone and speaker. Parents can send vocal messages/sounds thanks to the bracelets that they wear at any time, day or night.

Music brings us joy, relaxes our mind and spirit and puts us in a better mood. Babies enjoy music too. If sometimes the baby cannot sleep, you can select a list of calm and pleasant songs that you prefer. The Sikker baby monitor allows you to play any melody that you want to for baby to listen to, because of one of the multiple functions it has.

This type of baby monitor has a futuristic design, the predominant nuance being silver. It is a practical and easy-to-handle accessory. Moreover, the bracelets have a light weight, making them easy to wear and not causing any discomfort for both the child and parent.

The Sikker baby monitor is an impressive gadget, with many advantages which will make your life easier and help you take care of your child in a better way!

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